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Harwood Law is a solo practice law firm dedicated to strong advocacy for businesses and individuals in the New York metropolitan area. Its four main practice areas are Employment Law, Securities Fraud, Business Litigation and Professional Liability. The firm also represents clients in disputes involving entertainment, real estate and intellectual property law.

Harwood Law strives to achieve outstanding results for clients in trials, appeals, arbitrations and mediations. The firm has the skills and tenacity to win in court, and the judgment to guide clients to favorable settlements when possible.

The firm’s founder, Tony Harwood, has over 25 years of experience. He has handled many complex matters as a New York employment lawyer and in our other practice areas. He has earned a reputation as a leader in legal ethics through his long service as both a chairperson and member of Bar Association Committees on professional ethics. He makes ethics, honesty and fair dealing a priority in all his client relationships.

Employment Law

Harwood Law represents employees and employers in claims involving sex discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, age discrimination, religious discrimination, disability discrimination, race discrimination, the Family Medical Leave Act, unfair labor practices, retaliation and pensions. The firm has obtained multimillion dollar recoveries for employees and whistleblowers. It has led its clients to victories in cases involving non-competition agreements, unfair competition and expropriation of trade secrets. The firm advises clients on negotiating, drafting and enforcing separation agreements, employment agreements, non-competition and non-solicitation agreements. The firm and its founder, Tony Harwood, have guided employees through internal investigations, criminal investigations and regulatory investigations. Harwood Law has represented employees in wage disputes, commission disputes and minimum wage laws. The firm draws on Tony’s deep knowledge and experience to achieve its clients’ goals through thorough analysis, strategic advice, skilled negotiation and strong advocacy.

Harwood Law uses both New York employment law and federal employment law to protect its clients’ rights. The key provisions of New York employment law are the New York Human Rights Law and the New York City Human Rights Law. Important federal laws include the Civil Rights Act of 1964, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967, the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act, the Family Medical Leave Act and the National Labor Relations Act. A lawyer who practices employment law in New York must employ all of these laws to be able to provide skilled representation to a wide range of clients. Harwood Law has developed the knowledge of these laws necessary to protect its clients’ rights in employment law matters in New York. If you need to consult an experienced New York employment lawyer, Harwood Law is ready to help.

Securities Fraud

In the field of securities fraud, Harwood Law is committed to obtaining outstanding results for clients in FINRA arbitrations, securities fraud lawsuits, class action lawsuits, SEC and FINRA investigations, criminal investigations and prosecutions. The firm’s founder, Tony Harwood, has been serving clients as a securities fraud lawyer for decades. He has achieved multimillion dollar recoveries for investors and whistleblowers in lawsuits and has recovered investment losses in FINRA arbitration proceedings. On the defense side, he has obtained victories in lawsuits and extricated clients from criminal and SEC investigations free from liability. He has represented individual investors, retirement funds, hedge funds and other investment funds, investment banks, investment bankers, lawyers, public companies and their officers. Harwood Law stands ready to counsel you if you need advice from a New York securities lawyer.

Business Litigation and Appeals

Harwood Law has broad and deep experience in trials and appeals in a wide variety of business disputes. That experience includes employment, securities fraud, intellectual property, unfair competition, false advertising, entertainment, breach of contract, interference with contract, real estate, construction projects, defamation, business buyouts, freezeouts, valuations and dissolutions.

The firm and its founder, Tony Harwood, have won lawsuits at trial for both plaintiffs and defendants, including multi-million-dollar judgments. The firm has obtained injunctions protecting its clients’ intellectual property rights, blocking theft of trade secrets and stopping unfair competition. Mr. Harwood has won appeals in both state and federal courts, including the highest appellate courts of New York and Illinois. He has briefed and argued numerous appeals, and has achieved appellate victories in cases involving employment, contracts, antitrust, product liability, class actions and international trade.

Whether at trial or on appeal, Harwood Law has the experience and skills to protect your rights in business disputes in the New York courts. Contact Harwood Law for strong advocacy and sound advice in the trial or appeal of your business dispute.

Professional liability

Harwood Law represents lawyers and their clients in legal malpractice, billing disputes, disciplinary proceedings, investigations, malicious prosecution claims and law firm partnership disputes. The firm’s founder, Tony Harwood, has developed a strong reputation in the field of legal ethics through his decades of service on bar association committees devoted to that subject. He has frequently lectured on legal ethics and has published reports and articles on the topic.

Mr. Harwood has achieved victories and favorable settlements for both plaintiffs and defendants in legal malpractice actions in the New York Courts at both the trial and appellate level. Those malpractice actions have involved corporate acquisitions, securities offerings, real estate transactions and litigation. Mr. Harwood has represented lawyers in partnership disputes in arbitrations, in trial courts and on appeal. Those partnership disputes have involved pension claims, claims for unfinished business and breach of fiduciary duties. His experience in investigations involves investigations by the Securities and Exchange Commission and the United States Department of Justice into wrongdoing by attorneys in securities transactions. He extricated his client from those investigations free from liability. He also has pursued disciplinary complaints for clients against their former attorney in the New York State Grievance Committee, which led to discipline for the lawyer.

Harwood Law has the experience to guide lawyers in their efforts to comply with the complex rules of professional responsibility that govern the profession, and to defend them when they face charges of malpractice or other wrongdoing. It also has the skills to help clients recover when their lawyers have violated their duties. Whether you are an attorney or client, if you need an effective New York lawyer to protect your rights in malpractice cases, investigations, or advise you on compliance with ethics rules, Harwood Law is ready to serve you.

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Meet Tony Harwood

Tony Harwood has built a strong reputation in New York as a leader in commercial litigation and appeals, employment law, securities fraud and professional liability. He has over 25 years of experience representing investors, securities professionals and companies in securities fraud lawsuits, arbitrations and investigations.

Client Reviews

"Tony's advice to me was invaluable in recent job transitions. Under a compressed time line Tony provided expert advice. Drawing on his deep knowledge and experience in the field of employment law, he gave me guidelines for negotiation and the comfort required to move forward with the resulting...

Mary Ann Cate

"A masterful negotiator. I knew from my first call with Harwood Law that Tony Harwood was the right lawyer for my legal matter. He always made me feel comfortable and it was evident that he had my best interest in mind. During the first few weeks working with him, he truly showcased his masterful...

Johnny Green

“Anthony Harwood has represented me in multiple cases over the years. Tony’s expert advice was invaluable and having him by my side gave me all the confidence I needed during negotiations. His attention to details and deep knowledge of the law helped me achieve the desired outcome and I am extremely...

Tigran Antonyan

"Tony Harwood is extremely ethical and knowledgeable in the law. He took all the anxiety out of the process, helping a difficult matter be resolved smoothly and as amicably as possible."

Stuart Baron

Harwood Law, a solo practice firm, was founded 2009 by Tony Harwood, a highly rated trial lawyer with over 25 years of experience. For strong advocacy and sound advice, contact Harwood Law.

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