Employment Law

Harwood Law has broad experience representing both employees and employers in matters involving:

  • Sex discrimination, age discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, and religious discrimination
  • Employment agreements, separation agreements and non-competition agreements
  • Pension and retirement benefits
  • Theft of trade secrets and unfair competition
  • Internal, criminal and regulatory investigations
  • Wage disputes, commission disputes and minimum wage laws

Representative matters:

  • Advised employees and employers on negotiating, drafting and enforcing employment and separation agreements.
  • Obtained a multi-million dollar verdict, affirmed on appeal, for wrongfully withheld pension benefits for the retired chief executive officer of a not-for-profit corporation.
  • Obtained a ruling from the New York Court of Appeals dismissing claims by a former partner for retirement benefits against an international law firm.
  • Obtained a $700,000 settlement on claims for age discrimination for an officer of a financial services company.
  • Recovered from a major cable news network unpaid wages withheld from a political news show host.
  • Represented officers, directors and other employees in internal, criminal and regulatory investigations.
  • Obtained temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions for employers barring former employees from taking proprietary material to competitors, barring the employees from working for the competitors and from using trade secrets in violation of non-competition agreements.
  • Defeated a motion for a preliminary injunction seeking to bar an employer from making accusations of fraud against a former commissioned sales representative.

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